Topical Discussion: Increasing Compliance with Restitution

Discussion created by 380887 Support on Dec 2, 2014
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APPA and Relias Learning recently released a new online course on Increasing Compliance with Restitution.  The course is designed to educate community corrections professionals about a few simple techniques that they can use—within their everyday case management practices—to increase the likelihood that individuals on supervision will comply with their restitution orders (as well as with their other court-ordered financial obligations).  If you have trouble getting probationers or parolees to pay restitution, I encourage you to take the course and try the techniques discussed.  You can access the course from the following link: https://appa.academy.reliaslearning.com/Increasing-Compliance-with-Restitution--REL-CLE-APPA-ICR.aspx.

Question:  Regardless of whether you take the course, however, I'd like to know what strategies and techniques that you have found helpful in getting individuals to pay restitution--particularly those who are reluctant to pay?  Over the next month, share your ideas in this discussion thread!    

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