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Java Script Broken

Question asked by 9504834 Employee on Nov 2, 2018

This compliance course is broken for myself and everyone on my team that I have spoken with and I am unable to find any way to submit a support ticket.

The first thing to do is watch a video and the course does not believe the video has been watched and refuses to allow anyone to continue.  I have tried the course on Safari and Chrome using the company supplied IPAD as well as several different desktops on Windows 10 and a laptop Running Windows 8 and I am not sure what the qualifier is but its a Youtube video that's 37 minutes long and no matter how long you sit and wait to click next the javascript doesnt believe the imbedded youtube video has been watched. I can pull up Google Developer mode in the browser and can see where the javascript is not allowing the next button to function.  No idea what the qualifier is and the exit button is the only option.  This course had a completion required date of 11/1 so this is now a huge issue for my team...