Creative Partnerships

Discussion created by 3394659 Employee on Mar 6, 2015

I am a coordinator of a re-entry program for probationers/parolees based in a housing authority but community wide. It provides support in transportation, funds for prescriptions, educational and housing needs. It is a six month program that does a needs assessment in the aforementioned areas. Participants are required to come in for a face to face visit  with the coordinator and maintain phone contact at least once a month. This program requires communication with police/parole/probation officers, local/state funded men and women's shelters, social/church based organizations/resources, low/ affordable/accessible housing and educational opportunities(GED programs, technical schools and 4 year colleges). We document so that information can be shared. So this program has been information sharing for the last six years. The info shared is well timed and needed as crimes continue to increase at an alarming rate.

This  program  also provides  sharing of  information about currently incarcerated individuals in the  local jails. In developing creative partnerships- will certainly educate and make us aware that safety of individuals is a prime concern in all communities .Our state has received federal funds for 26 target communities. One of its goal is the establishment of a local re-entry council which will include law enforcement, not for profit re-entry

organizations, community leaders and church/social based organizations. By implementing this partnership and sharing information will be a beginning for educating the public, providing skills for probationers/parolees in reducing the recidivism rate and having a safer community.