Training Forum: Hiring and Retaining Quality Staff

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This training forum is designed to allow participants to share information about ways they can improve their capacity to hire and retain quality staff.  Consider the following question and provide your ideas:


Does your current hiring and performance appraisal process provide you a means of assessing competencies  (i.e., capabilities and attributes) of staff?


  • If yes, what process did your agency go through to develop its competencies? When was it conducted? Should it be reviewed and revised?
  • If no, do you think it should? What does the current hiring and appraisal process focus on? Is it giving you meaningful information? Would it be more meaningful if it were revised to center around competencies? How might your agency initiate a revision of the hiring and
    appraisal process?


*Please note:  APPA has released an online course titled: "Hiring and Retaining Quality Staff: A Workplace Competencies Approach."  If you have not taken the course and are interested in learning more about this topic, go to https://appa.academy.reliaslearning.com/Hiring-and-Retaining-Quality-Staff-A-Workplace-Competencies-Approach--APPA-HRQS-… This course is funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance and is free of charge on the APPA Relias Academy website.