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Laurel and Lynne

Question asked by 4124537 Employee on Jan 23, 2016

I have visited the Relias Connect Site over the weekend.  I notice that in the licenses and certifications tracking that all the categories listed only apply to the social service and healthcare professions.  Would it be possible to add sections to track training/certifications/licenses for persons employed in the areas of: facilities and maintenance, property management, real estate development, fund development, grant writing, IT and various software used by VOA-GNY, ministry training, supervision training, management training, office administration, etc., etc.?  We need to do all we can to establish within the VOA-GNY work culture that we are a "learning organization."  By moving forward with this Relias Program I believe we are definitely moving in the right direction!


Also, I am sure many colleagues within VOA-GNY attend and participate in numerous other webinars and training events not on Relias throughout the year.  Is there any way that these training/learning events could be included and tracked within the Relias system?