Debi Damas

12% Reduction in Hospital Re-Admissions by 2019 Expected

Discussion created by Debi Damas Support on May 26, 2016

Did you see the article in McKnights this morning?  CMS wants to decrease readmissions by 12% by 2019.  Do you think we can do it?  I do!  They put out a request for proposals for new Hospital Improvement and Innovation Networks to work with hospitals, patients and those that care for them to "spread well-tested, evidence-based best practices"  If you recall, Relias had a webinar not that long ago about managing the spread.  This is what it was about.  Find what works, and spread it through your organization.


In addition to the 12% reduction CMS is also looking for a 20% reduction in patient harm. 


With financial penalties coming to skilled nursing facilities in 2018, now is the time to be sure you have this covered. Relias has modules that help your nurses refresh their assessment and communication skills, competency checklists for nurses and skills checklists for nursing assistants. 


I think you've got this!