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Login Issues


If you are having trouble logging in, your first step with be to go to your organization’s Relias URL


This will be in the format of “Organization.training.reliaslearning.com” and will be provided by your administrator or supervisor.

Or you can go to  https://login.reliaslearning.com  for the Universal Sign On page.


Once on the website, you will see a screen similar to the following:


Enter your credentials as they have been given to you and click “Log In”




-NOTE- Passwords are case sensitive. If you experience issues logging in, you should try capitalizing the first letter in your password-

-NOTE- Some organizations may use different language for the “User Name’ and “Password” field, ie “Password” appears on the log in page as “Last Name”-


Security Questions


Once you have logged in the first time, you will be prompted to create three security questions




These security questions will assist in accessing your account should you forget your password in the future.

Security answers can be modified once you are logged in. Go to the person logo in the upper right  corner of the screen, and click "My Account"



-NOTE- Security questions, like passwords, are case sensitive. It is advised that you enter your answers in whatever convention you would typically use when entering information.



Password Change


Additionally, your administrator may prompt you to change your password upon first login


Once you have passed these fields, you will arrive at your “My Learning” page. This will indicate that you have logged in successfully!













If you have forgotten your password, don’t worry!

 For password assistance, click the “Forgot your User Name of Password?” field on your company’s log in screen

















You will be brought to the following screen

Choose whichever option is most appropriate to your situation.








To reset your password, you will need to provide either your username or last name and email address.







After entering in the correct information, the system will automatically send a security code to the email associated with your information

Please Note - Security codes are valid for 30 minutes


If you don’t receive the security code or you no longer has access to that email, then you can elect to answer their security questions instead




-NOTE- If you opt to have your information sent to your email, make sure that you check your Junk or Spam email if you do not receive the email from the Relias Automated System-





If you still cannot log in, please go back to the Forgot Password option on the log in page, and click the Request Help option at the bottom of the box









 If you find that you are having issues retrieving your login information, you may want to reach out to your administrator or supervisor.






Forgot URL


Have your credentials but don’t know where to log in? No problem! Relias Websites are specific to their organization, so doing a search for them will not return the correct log in page.


If you are having troubles going to the correct page, there may be a few issues:


Make sure the website is entered correctly as it is given by your Administrator or Supervisor


If your organization is “Relias Example” and you are given instructions to go to

“reliasexample.training.reliaslearning.com”, you will want to ensure you input this site address EXACTLY as it is given. Misspellings, extra punctuation, and improper spaces can lead to the wrong address or a web search.


Make sure you are entering the website into the correct location


Many web browsers have integrated search functions built in. While these can be helpful for recalling unspecific information, direct websites entered into search bars can cause issue getting you to the correct location. Make sure your information is being entered into the web address bar. Here are 3 common browser's and their address bars: 











Finally, if you are not able to find your organization’s website, you can navigate to https://login.reliaslearning.com/ , or do a web search for “Relias login”. This will direct you to our Universal Sign On page.


-NOTE- Usage of the Universal Sign On page may require an email address or Organization ID. You can visit more information about this by going to  Login Trouble- Organization ID   for account verification. In the event you are unsuccessful with your email address and credentials, you will want to reach out to your Administrator or Supervisor



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